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  • What is a DOULA?
    The word DOULA is a Greek word meaning "a woman who serves". As your DOULA, I will provide continuous support during pregnancy, labor & post partum. DOULAS have been around for ages assisting in labor. Parents who use doulas significantly reduces their chances of having unnecessary cesarean sections, less medical interventions, as well as increased chances of having an unmedicated vaginal delivery.
  • When is a good time to hire a DOULA?
    The sooner the better. This will help you be better prepared during pregnancy on how to advocate for yourself & your baby, prepare birth plans, know about informed consent and help with any challenges that derive from a “normal, low risk” pregnancy. Having a DOULA can also help find a supportive care provider that fits your needs best. And also facilitate difficult conversations and help make decisions based on your needs.
  • I have a great partner, why do I need a DOULA?"
    DOULAS do not take place of your partner. DOULAS can help create a laboring environment that is calm, soothing & comfortable. Doulas can suggest things to help Labor progress, help you process & discuss some common hospital interventions, help avoid unnecessary intervention and reduce the likelihood of an unnecessary csection. We can recommend positions, exercises to help labor progress, help you decide when to leave to your birth place, advise your partner on specific massages, comfort measures & techniques to help with labor discomfort.
  • What is The Bradley Method®?
    The Bradley Method® is much more than preparing for the day of labor. We focus on preparing the expecting couple for all aspects of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. The role of the coach is of upmost importance and well as discussing all areas of common hospital protocols/routines, typical hospital interventions, relaxation techniques for contractions during labor, how to make informed choices & how to choose a supportive provider, prenatal/labor positions, birth plans, comfort measures, stages of labor & so much more.
  • When should I start The Bradley Method®?
    The best time for couples to start taking Bradley Method® classes is between 20-24 weeks gestation. Although we do have couples start sooner.
  • What is bellybinding?
    Bellybinding is a common practice is many cultures that aids in the postpartum recovery. It is a gentle wrap that helps Internal healing, after birth contraction relief, reduces postpartum organ swelling, keeps uterus warm to promote circulation, helps uterus return to pre-pregnancy size, aides in healing of abdominal separation, helps the body release stagnant blood & discharge, encourages internal organs back to proper placement, encourages release of water retention, provides posture support during breastfeeding and allowing closure to the circle of birth.
  • How are the perineal herbs used?
    The herbs I use are traditional herbs used in Mexico and are intended for perineal comfort/healing to be used in vaginal compress, sitz baths, vaginal steams and or used in peri bottles postpartum. They will help encourages healing of any vaginal soreness, abrasions, tears or episiotomies. This can be used at any time in life to helps with period cramping, uterine health or any time you want to show your vagina some love.
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