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I am truly thankful to all the families that have allowed me to be part of the most important day of their lives. Every birth I attend is truly unique and memorable in its own way. I could never repay
the love and gratitude you have allowed me to feel.
I THANK YOU all, from the bottom of my heart.



I for one started with the mentality that a doula was "nice to have" but not necessary. My wife and I attended classes, tried to educate ourselves as much as possible and really thought we were prepared to tackle just about any obstacle that may occur with our first born. That being said, Marisol was a Godsend.


While we prepared mentally for what was to come, there was just no way to physically prepare for the big day. Sleep deprived and emotionally frazzled,Marisol was the support we needed;  just having an extra set of hands to help massage, get food, etc. is amazing. Especially if you're trying to have a natural birth at a hospital, having even just one more person in your corner can make a huge difference.


Now, I have to say I am a convert and would highly recommend a doula, with Marisol at the top of that list. There is no question that we would have her be there with us on the birth of our future children. She has not only earned a place in our hearts but in our family as well.


Bradley Dad




How can I summarize in just a short paragraph the appreciation I have for my doula, Marisol?  Her assistance with our daughter's birth began long before labor and delivery.  She answered countless questions, reassured this nervous first time momma, encouraged me when I had self-doubt (even before I went into labor), and her advice and support has continued. 


My daughter is now 19 months old and I still can, and do, turn to her for advice.  You build a trust with a doula unlike anything I have experienced.   Marisol was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of a natural delivery without any pain medication.  At times when I felt like giving up, she knew just the right thing to say or to do-without me having to speak a word.  She was quick to massage when needed, put my hair up, offer me a mint, etc.  Marisol has an amazing calming effect.  My husband and I felt safe knowing she could communicate with hospital staff on our behalf should we be unable to do so, or feel "bullied" into something which wasn't in tune with our birth plan.  That was very important to us.


Marisol's love and guidance continued after the birth, and was especially helpful the first few days and weeks with breastfeeding and adjusting to mommyood. She continues to check in and ask for updates on our baby girl.  Marisol is educated, well-informed of various studies and provides such information to her clients/friends.  You can feel how much Marisol loves doing what she does which is why I highly recommend having her assistance to anyone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Bradley Parents

-Ally & Erik, parents to Hunter Farah



For my second birth, I had the opportunity of having a doula, which I had never experienced before or even really knew anything about. Marisol was so awesome. It was my boyfriend's first child, so I felt she was really there to support him as he supported me. I also really liked having another woman there whom I could trust to be my voice when I couldn't speak. Marisol knew my labor & delivery wishes and made sure that they were honored, when possible. She was not afraid to speak up for me and she also made sure I was comfortable after the delivery and checked in with me during my recovery to make sure I was doing well. 


I loved her services and care so much that when I became pregnant with my third child, she was my doula again, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  While my kids are now 2 yrs old and 5 months old, she still continues to share parenting information with me, which I really enjoy. I love her and will definitely have her again if any other children come along! 



Mommy to George, Daniel & Jazzlyn



As I progressed through my pregnancy I found myself getting nervous that there wouldn't be a woman by my side who had been through all this before. My mom and my sister both lived far away and while I knew they'd be there to help after the baby came, the chances that they would make it for the birth were very slim.


As soon as I committed to hiring a doula my nerves settled and I felt at ease that someone would be there to help me understand what was going on each step of the way. Marisol did that and more through the entire 29 hours of my labor. She was patient, encouraging and most importantly, supportive. I had to make some really difficult decisions that went against my birth plan and everything that I imagined that day would be. Marisol made sure I didn't feel discouraged by this. She was the emotional support that I needed and I am sincerely thankful that she was there for me.

Not only was she there for the 29 hours, she was there when I was recovering in the hospital after the birth, she was there for me weeks after to encourage me through struggles with breastfeeding and she was there at my baby's first birthday party. And now 20 months later Marisol is still an important part of our family.

I recommend Marisol without reservation to anyone who is considering having a doula by their side during what is likely the most memorable day of their life.


Mommy to Vanessa 

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