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Prenatal, pregnancy & post-baby evidence-based information




Evidence-Based Birth


Lactation Educational Resources


In-person Breast/Body feeding support from peers and La Leche League leaders. Chapters all throughout Southern California please look up your city here.

Dr. James McKenna

Dr. Jay Gordon

Midwifery Care 

Birth Centers


Long Beach Birth Center

Kindred Space Los Angeles

South Coast Midwifery

Mind Body Birth

Homebirth Midwives 


Service areas may differ from midwife to midwife. Please contact them directly to see if they are available for your birth and location. 

Kim Bongcaron CPM (L.B & OC)

Cinnamon Buckley CPM (Long Beach, CA)

Angie Miller CPM (Long Beach, CA)

Tasha Boyd CPM  (Redondo Beach, CA)

Haikanarumi Yais CPM (Los Angeles, CA)

Jessi Rockwell (La Mirada, CA)

Prenatal/Whole Family Chiropractic Care




Dr. Natalie King Wilson (Long Beach, CA & La Habra, CA)

SOHMA Integrative Medicine (Long Beach,CA)

Dr. Yvette Johnson  (Long Beach/Naples area CA)

Dr. Adana Vargas (Pasadena, CA)

Whole Health Clinic (Torrance, CA)

Dr. Carmona (Irvine, CA)

Landers Chiropractic  (Orange, CA)

Ancestral Healing / Medicine & Herbalism 



Panquetzani Ticitl (Long Beach, CA)

Green Wisdom Herbal Studies (Long Beach, CA)


Acupuncture / Herbal Medicine 


Melissa Roxas (Long Beach, CA)

SOHMA Integrative Medicine (Long Beach, CA)


Physiologic Birth Supported Obstetrics/Hospitals 



Dr. Stuart Fischbein (OB/GYN homebirth only)

Dr. Victoria Flores (OB/GYN homebirth only)


Dr. Kenneth James 

High-Risk OB

Dr. Nageotte at Magella LB

Long Beach Memorial 

Little Company of Mary Torrance

Fudge Birthing Suites at Hoag Irvine 

Hoag Newport 






Growing Healthy Together (Long Beach, CA) 

Friendly Hills Pediatrics (Whittier, CA)


Prenatal, Birth, postpartum, and early childhood support 



La Fuente Birth, Postpartum y Más






Super Mamas Podcast - Guest Appearance

Voyage L.A. Interview

Signal Hill Tribune 

Two Doulas Breaking the Myth of What Birth Is Supposed To Be



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