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These are PRIVATE one on one VIRTUAL sessions with both you and your support person/partner. We can discuss some of YOUR birthing concerns, create & review births plans, referrals for local birth providers that include wellness practitioners, high risk OBs (for twins, breech babies, etc...), natural birth friendly OBs/hospitals, midwives/birth centers, and postpartum practitioners. I can give you my proffesional advice and guidance on your unique pregnancy and birth experience. These sessions are created for those that possibly do not have a doula or need more guidance maneuvering through the pregnancy and labor process.


My consultations do not include this offering. Consultations are a way for you to know what doula support includes, how we can best work together and if we are a good fit as a birth team. Your one on one session is uniquely tailored to your personalized needs. 

Birth Guidance Session

  • Minimum of a 24 hour cancelation is required. If cancelation is not made no refund will be given.  

  • Schedule your Guidance Session 

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