Bellybinding is encouraged to start within the first week of a vaginal delivery or 3-5 weeks after a csection birth. Some of the benefits of binding after birth include but are not limited to the following: aids in uterine involution, encourages organs to migrate to pre preganancy placement, encourages better posture after delivery and while carrying and nursing a newborn, postpartum contraction relief, reduces organ size postpartum, maintains uterus warm to promote circulation and healing, helps body release stagnant blood and discharge, reduces water retention & can be used regularly after pospartum phase, in times of stress, menstrual cycle, miscarriage, trauma etc.. Postpartum binding can help reduce the symptoms of diastasis recti, by helping muscles come together. Binding can also be used prenatally to ease discomfort of growing abdomen and added weight of uterus and baby. 

Traditional BellyBinding

  • I offer a reduced class fees for anyone that qualifies or receives any of the following:

    • WIC
    • Medi-Cal
    • Cash Aid 
    • Cal-Fresh 
    • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

    Proof of enrollment is required. Please call me for more details.

  • Please contact me for a list of herbs used to ensure there is no allergies to any of herbs. I can custom make using herbs that are safe for you to use.