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Postpartum Care

Lets talk postpartum care. The first 3months after the birth of your baby/babies, is the most delicate and it’s crucial we take steps to ensure a healthy and gentle recovery. It is also know as the 4th trimester. In many cultures throughout the world this is a time of rest. Mothers are catered to and looked after by elders & family members. Here’s 5 tips to start your recovery after giving birth! 

1.Choose a supportive healthcare provider. Healthy and low risk mothers benefit from the care of a Midwife. And hire a DOULA!! This decreases the chance of unnecessary medical interventions. Which can lengthen the recovery time and maximize your birth experience. 

2. Aside from having a loving and supportive partner. Pre-select a small group of people to come and clean your home. Having your “tribe” will allow you and your partner to bond with your new baby. They can help with preparing healthy and nutritious meals. This will help with recovery and milk production as you’ll be well fed and hydrated. 

3. Don't do too much too soon. Having great postpartum care can make you feel like a million bucks! But remember your uterus is healing and your body is recovering from childbirth. Especially if you’ve had a cesarean birth. Think of your uterus having an open wound inside. That can take several weeks to months to heal. When you start moving around do so slowly and listen to your body. 

4. Skin to skin with your baby is essential to make your baby feel safe, secure & helps with breast milk production. It will help release oxytocin (love hormone). Partners can benefit from skin to skin with baby also! 

5. Be patient. This is a time to adjust to your “new normal.” You have a new baby, a new body that grew and nurtured the most precious person in your life. There will be time for going back to work, starting a new exercise routine, and getting things done. But right now you and joe baby need to be taken care of. There will be plenty of time later to focus on everything else. Right now and in this money you and your baby are the most important. 

As a doula, this is what I have found to be especially helpful to all the couples I have worked with. We have a very westernized mentality of what postpartum looks like in our culture and it goes way beyond the 6 week mark. Be kind to your body and be gentle with yourself. 

To receive more info on finding a supportive provider and hiring a doula please contact me directly. Or visit


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